Advice for trackday.

Have just fitted a set of A048 in preparation for the summer, have got a track day at Goodwood tomorrow. Just looked at weather reports, which say some chance of showers. Never done a wet track in the exige, any advice? How do they compare to the A039?

There seems to be mixed opinions between the relative merits of the AO48’s and 39’s in the wet.The first track day I did on the AO48’s was at Oulton Park, it absoloutely ****ed down and the track was running with water and I must admit I didn’t feel too secure (spun once - which given my girly driving was unusual for me)I would have preferred to be on the AO39 in those conditions. In relative terms I think they are less secure in the wet but nowhere near undrivableHaving said that my maiden aunt Mrs Pesky, appeared to have no such trouble on the same day on AO48’sIn the dry they are excellent and well worth the change - I think you just need to be a little more circumspect with them in the wetDavid

Can confirm Mrs Pesky was very sure footed at Oulton in the wet, I never hit the passanger brake pedal once [image][/image]