Adive on entering Yokohama Mid engined series


I am thinking of entering my Exige in this series next year.

Any advice / info. you can give me would be of great help.
Do I need to do anything drastic to the car to make it competitive? Just how expensive is a seasons racing in this series?

What you need to spend depends on how competitive you want to be. What are you looking to get out of racing? If you know where you are going then you can plan how to get there. It’s not cheap though.

Yes I know motorsport can be v. expensive but it looks like this series is ‘relatively’ cheap to enter. I’d like to keep the car pretty standard initially and see how I go on.

I’m also looking at Legends or Caterham graduates but seems sensible to choose the Mid-engined’s since I’ve already got the car!

Looking at the times from Oulton Park this year I rekon I would have been mid field so hopefully would’nt embarass myself even if the car was totally standard!

If you want to just get out there then probably not that much you need to do. My view on the minimum would be:

Roll Bar, Extinguisher, Electrical cut off, Harnesses, decent brake discs/pads, Nitrons or similar, Nylotron bushes, Uprated toe links, Full Geo and a test day to fine tune, Tyres (whatever the regs allow). Also you will need to race prep the car, going through everything to check nothing is worn - ball joints, wheels bearing, tie rods etc.

I’ve considered doing a round just for a giggle and that is the absolute minimum I would do to my car before attempting it. Also, remember there is always the very real possibility of stuffing your car, particularly if you are a novice.

Hope this all helps.

I think that we met at Anglesey a few weeks back. There was certainly someone going mental in a bright orange Exige!
You can find a copy of the series technical regulations in pdf form here
The absolute minimum you HAVE to have to race is like Randy said:- An electrical cut-off switch and an extinguisher of (I think) at least 2.25 litres capacity. Both these need to have an external pull cable or push button and be clearly marked. A Four point Harness. Front and rear tow points. Of course overalls, boots, gloves and a snell approved or BSA type A helmet (I had my ECE approved motorcycle helmet confiscated by the scrutineers at my first race).
At the moment we have to run on Yokohama moulded treaded tyres which really means no slicks or cut slicks. Everyone seems to run on 048s at the moment.
So come and join us! Have a laugh, have a fire! It doesn’t have to cost you the earth.
I hope that answers a few of your questions.

Steven H

Of course overalls, boots, gloves and a snell approved or BSA type A helmet…

That’s about a grand BTW.

But don’t let it put you off. They seem to have a great time! The feeling of being one of the drivers at a meet must be great.


That’s about a grand BTW.

True, but what is money when one can be at the dizzying heights of paddock chic!

Chic is WAY over a grand!



Hi there, Yes it was me at Anglesey going mental as you say!

You were the bloke with the dark coloured Elise I was chatting to in the morning I believe? I remember you saying you raced in the midengined series.

I was also considering doing the Legends series but I tested one yesterday. - Crude is not the word! Feels like driving a tin bath at 130 MPH!

Steve T


I think Azreal has answered your question. One other thing to realise is that you may start having thoughts about more mods, bigger brakes, etc etc, and then before you know it, the car is no longer road legal and your credit card is up to its limit.

What are the rules on valid entries? Is there min weights/max power, etc?

I am not sure on this Ally, but I know the Exige cannot be less than 700kgs, and I am pretty sure that bike-engined cars are not allowed. No max. power rule though.

No max power - thank god

I didn’t know about the weight limit though…

Surely the ariel atom weighs less than that ??

Ally, Mike,

I sent you a couple of the regs.
But I thought for a minute you were thinking of buying an Exige again.
No, no bike engines. Read the doc. Really suited for Exiges I would say.

You’ll see me doing some of the races next year.

Mike, I think it is a percentage of the cars original weight…

aaahhhh !!

Thanks for the mail Uldis. No bike engines? How about a V8 then?


Good luck next year Bomber.

Russ, hope you get the Exige fixed ok and get back racing soon.

No V8’s, even less if it’s a 2.6L that makes 350BHP @ 12000 rpm!

Bloody hell Ally, you’ve got too much money to be thinking on those things

How about a V8 then?

Oh that thing is lovely! I bet it sounds fantastic!

D’you think it’ll be cheap and reliable?!


It may be reliable, but it won’t be cheap !!!