While patiently waiting to pick up my Exige on Saturday I have been wondering about parking sensors and a camera/lcd screen for a rear view mirror… well you have to surf something when you are no longer looking for a car to buy!! Anyone had any such gadgets fitted, admittedly its not exactly in the true spirit of the car, but for road use may be handy additions, or am i just barking…

Pegbox had one with a reversing camera and screen.

Not sure if it’s still fitted.

It is Still in and working !!

I wouldn’t be without it, as i can’t see anything behind me as i have a motorsport rear engine cover. You can also plug in recording equipment and video track days…

Pegbox had one with a reversing camera and screen.

Not sure if it’s still fitted.

Any ideas what type, was it on an S2 ?

I had a Pioneer AVIC-X1 fitted before I picked up my car; this is a single DIN unit replacing the standard radio, I have an Ipod in the boot and reversing camera above the rear numberplate. When you put the car in reverse it switches to the rear view display. You can also have a split screen with the rear view display and satnav map at the same time.

Anyone had any such gadgets fitted…

PM Escaper, he’s got one on his S1.


ps. Welcome!

Mine is a relatively basic set up but it works. It is a good quality CCD lens housed in a small light weight plastic box mounted inbetween one of the cooling vents on my motorsport rear engine cover. A power and AV lead then go from the camera into the car where a +ve source is piced up and the AV is plugged into the side of a Kenwood Flat TFT screen - Thats it; the pictures are so clear even on the motorway at 80+ you can actually read numberplates in detail behind you…

Mine has an accessory reversing sensor that is stuck on the inside of the clam (S1) and is the good old fashioned beep.
Doesn’t need to drill the clam for any sensor.

Uses strange magic waves of some description - was going to say microwaves but that might explain the engine temmps I sometimes see - not sure which type but it works.

Simple feed through the reversing light circuit.
Buzzer in behind seat.

Was a Peugeot accessory for the fittment to 406 Coupe without the need to drill the bumpers etc.

Works ok for the money and time to fit.

Ive got a simple twin sensor thing on my exige but its useless, the one to get is the microwave strip one. I ave a link at work but several places do them from �80 upwards.

try this

bit cheaper here

Can anyone post some pictures of this fitted to their Exiges Please

I have this one;

Works fine, although they are based in Italy I just paid via Payal and it arrived two days later. Easy to fit. Sorry, no photos Snapper but there’s bugger all to see.

the one to get is the microwave strip one.

Just found the fitting instructions for mine and its the microwave strip one. Sticks along the back of the clam on the innside and runs the length of it.

Going to put the cat back on some time in the next few weeks for the MOT. If no-one else has got any pictures I’ll take some then once the undertray is removed.

My two sensors are mounted on the rear numbe plate plinth, the problems ive had are that they are too low. When i get round to fitting one of the strip ones i would have thought it would be best fitted inside the boot? To prevent damage to the strip and my clam from luggage i am planning on fitting a piece of hd foam to the rear of the boot.


Stream, I had the microwave strip one fitted by B&C as part of my deal when I bought the car. It is from the official Subaru kit they use on the Impreza. There are no visible sensors spoiling the rear clam and it is a very effective piece of kit, having saved me from a prang several times. It automatically engages when you slip into reverse. B&C were reluctant to fit it, but didnt want to miss the sale (it was the first kit they had fitted to a Lotus… S2). Speak to Scott Walker if you want it done, approx �200 and highly recommended although the purists are horrified.