Accusump thoughts / issues

Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on the Accusumps. I had mine removed in a way that allowed reinstatement by performance autocare in Knaresbrough couple of years back because it was just spraying a fine mist of oil in my boot which was no good with an overnight/weekend bag in.

I had replaced the valves etc but it still did it. I know some have replaced with baffle sumps etc but im all for authenticity and the cup cars all seemed to have the blue Accusumps.

Has anyone had the same issue as me? did you resolve it?


I’m in a similar position, my accusump is still in the car and I consider it a bit of a trophy. Yes they’re heavy, messy, occasionally unreliable but it’s like a “Lotus Motorsport” badge of honor that I’m fond of for some stupid reason.

Mine doesn’t mist too badly, but it seems to like consuming oil pressure switches which means at random with no warning it will stop working. I’ve countered this by adding a baffled sump to complement it and @seriouslylotus stock the pressure switches to replacements are fairly easy to come by. I keep an eye on it’s function (you should hear it squelching each time you fire up the car) and for now, am happy to keep it.

Even if mine started misting, with it being a 2-Eleven there’s no boot or overnight bag to worry about - but that would probably really sway me to binning it off in an Exige, tbh.

I guess it’s the same as the fire extinguisher in the passenger foot well, well actually just after the seat. When I did the nc500 with the missus it came out along with the sump and never went back in. Of course though I’ve kept it all as like you say is some sort of badge of honour.