Accusump problem - easy fix

For as long as I have had my car I had never seen the the Accusump pressure gauge move - I had certainly never seen it discharge down to zero psi.

Contrary to what the manual says it never discharged with the ignition turned on prior to starting the engine. I’d always assumed the Accusump was quietly going about its business…

To test the Accusump I bypassed the pressure sensor and put 12v through the electronic valve. Instantly the Accusump clunked into action and discharged. The gauge dropped to zero psi. I did an engine oil change to get rid of the old stored Accusump oil.

A phone call to Bob at Canton Racing in USA he explained that the innards of the pressure sensor can get corroded preventing the pressure sensor from working which makes the Accusump useless.

The new sensor arrived and I’ve fitted it this evening…The Accusump discharged instantly when I turned on the ignition and is now working as it should.

Don’t ignore a sticking Pressure gauge!! If your Accusump doesn’t discharge when you turn the key to ignition on your Accusump isnt protecting your engine. It’s an easy fix, don’t ignore it.


Well done for making the effort to fix the problem. I have only seen one other car apart from mine that had the accusump fitted and that one like mine appears to of had the same problem as yours. So it must be a common fault. Have you replaced the pressure sensor with with the same one Lotus used or have you used a more reliable version.

I always listen for mine to discharge when I turn on the engine from cold, I like the idea of putting up the oil pressure prior to first start after the car has been sat. If it didn’t make the noise at least I now know what to change :smiley:

Yeah sell lots of the pressure switches as well as the solenoids…