Accomodation in Humberside

I have just accepted a job at Conocophillips working at South Killingholme in Humberside for 3-6 months.
Does anyone know of a B&B or Hotel in that area that is good and safe for the Exige.



A colleague lives in Scunthorpe - he sayes stay in/near Grimsby - the area around South Killingholme is just a smelly industrial estate and Grimsby at least has some (safe) life.

He’s gonna look around at B&B over next few days.



Nice one Andy, cheers

Phil, mate of mine (and proud new R300 owner!)started a contract in Grimsby last week, finding accomodation is a nightmare (Cleethorpes holiday season) had to use 3 places in 4 nights… anyway sure he will have sussed everything by this weekend so will get you any info I can.

Thanks Steve, fortunatly i have relatives near to Doncaster so can stay there (for a short while) until i sort something out a bit closer.

Phil, if you are looking for somewhere in the future, my mate has settled on the Oaklands Hotel @ Laceby, might be worth a try.

Cheers Steve, i had already looked at that Hotel but at those rates its cheaper to rent/buy a flat. If i like the job that is what i’m going to do, i’ll just stay with my sister-in-law nr doncaster until i can find something more permanent.
Cheers for your help.


If you need 'em I have B&B numbers all with off road parking now - just let me know

Cost is 15-35 quid a night …

Yes please [email protected]
Not taking the Exige now, just bought a 4x4 for the journey