Accident Damage on Exige- advice needed

Hi allUnfortunately a motorbike went in the side of me at 20mph ( he’s Ok) but the back driver side got damaged and cracked.In the South who would anyone recommend or NOT recommend . Can you fill or would the whole back need to be changedAdvice appreciatedThanks

Sorry to hear your news [image][/image]Don’t know whereabouts you are, but these people have a very good reputation, so probably a useful starting point: Best of luck.

Is it an insurance job? They may have there own repair centres.Depending on the damage it is repairable, forget all the bo**ocks about gel coat, a flexible filler is all you need after it has been patched.

Tough luck sparky [image][/image]With glassfibre body its amazing the results that can be achieved from what appears a basket case bit of bodywork. I’ve repaired M100, Esprits, Europa, +2 and a number of FF that bruv stuffed. Leave painting to an expert tho’. Miles Wilkins book on Fibreglass Repairs is excellent guide if DIY.

SparkyI’m at Hedge End.There is only one place to take it - Ewelme Coachwork Nr Oxford speak to John or Paul 01491 - 825294. New rear clam is �1600 plus paint plus fitting - reckon on 60 hours labour.Ewelme Coachwork have a web site are approved by most insurance companies and Lotus and TVR are happy with them - even Haydons in Salisbury use them. If you saw Haydons motorsport Elise - Ewelme painted that.Tony

& Ewelme have an Exige rear clam in their yard with a damaged rear NS arch - new ali colour but has armour fend instead of dark patches in front of rear arches…looks nice…and strangely familiar???

Ewelme repaired my car, they did a smashing job, every body panel replaced but the drivers door, speak the owner John he is very good.As Simon says fibre glass is easily repaired [image][/image]

You may be able to talk John into cutting a section off the clam they have there and splicing it into your damaged clam - depends how extensive the damage to your clam is and whether it is an insurance job or not.

Did you take it to the Airport Body Shop for a quote? Anyway the best place to go if you are going by insurance, would be Banbury,s Fareham, in Titchfield. Bloody expensive but does not cut any corners in doing work unlike a lot of body shops.