Accessing dash wiring

I need to tidy up some wiring that has been routed under the dash trinket tray end plate…cant work out how to lift/move/remove the plate. I have removed the cubbyhole to access behind it but that doesnt help. Parts diagrams do not help much… can anybody give me directions?
See pix

Thanks Peeps.

Comes out easily one you have removed the panel that is facing the interior of the car.

I can understand that but how do I remove said panel if you mean the shelf itself.?

No I meant the panel that goes from sill to dash. Was the speaker panel n the earlier cars. Part 18 in your other thread. Not sure whether the cage will make that more difficult.

Thanks Managed to di it with flat blade and heat gun…Easy when you know how as they say.Cage was not really a problem.

Thanks for help.