i have a 111s and want to increase the accelleration what is the cheepest way?would a K&N induction kit be any good

i also have a 111s and i will be putting aK&N and a janspeed but im just doing it for a better sound,so i dont know if it will give me any more power,Andy

i also have a 111s and have had a janspeed and a K&N on for about 2 weeks and it sound loads better ,i didt do it for more power and i dont think i got any but so what it sounds like a sports car now and not a mini metro!!!enjoy… Andy

oh look at that there is two of us …im am the one that posted the last reply Andy W…

ok so i am wrong i did put that first post there weeks ago…well as you can see they are all on the car and its better than ever …im no of to bang my head against the wall!!!Andy(yes all of them)