Absolute Lotus Magazine - Exige S2 Buyer's Guide

Does anybody subscribe to the Absolute Lotus magazine or read it on occasion?

If so, how accurate is the published content? I have read through too many such publications with varying results, so I just wanted seasoned owners’ opinions before purchasing one. Of particular interest is the Feb/March 2020 issue, which has an Exige S2 Buyer’s Guide: https://www.performancepublishing.co.uk/februarymarch-2020-issue-12.html

ALM is a very good publication written and edited by enthusiasts Ian and Adam, they have been around the car scene all their working lives.
I have had 2 cars featured my Europa S and Elan plus 2 and Ian got pretty much all the facts correct in the write up.
I look forward to each publication and long may it last.

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Thank you for your feedback.

On that basis, I will give it a shot and purchase the Feb/March 2020 issue.

Is there someone willing to upload it please? Would be a great gift for all of us :thumbup:

I’m sure the copyright lawyers would have a field day

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Indeed, didn’t upload the magazine due to potential copyright violations, but suffice to say, there are a few inaccuracies therein with regards to the Exige S RGB.

No problem, just found it online for free.

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