ABS / Power brakes ..

Has anyone taken an Elise or S2 Exige on track with power-assisted brakes. I found the system on the VX220 too sharp, catapulting me through the windscreen while heel-toeing.

Is it possible to get an S2 Elise/Exige without it ?

simply change the 2 to a 1 thus giving you a s1 and have a better looking car thrown into the bargin!

I was invited to try the new Exige at Donington recently, and to be honest I barely even noticed the brakes. My first impression was that there was a bit too much travel on the pedal before you get to the action, but within a lap I was just using the brakes without even thinking about them. I certainly didn’t find them over-assisted.

They did say that the electical toys were a delete option, but I can’t remeber whether the ABS and servo were included in that.

catapulting me through the windscreen while heel-toeing

and I thought that you were just an ugly b***, sorry, didn’t know you had had an accident