A111M6035F - anyone have one laying around?


It appears A111M6035F has failed on my drivers side as the door is not being detected as open.

The passenger side is working just fine.

Anyone have one laying around they might like to sell? They are £8+ but most companies want another £6 delivery.

Just checked my car electrical chests, sorry not got one (I did find a cover for my 12V cigarette lighter though).

For the sake of £15, just but it.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

Its more a principle thing of paying almost as much for the item in post than the item.

I get what you are saying about postage, puts me off but if it’s needed, then sometimes there is no choice.

Not perfect. but how’s this? closer to £10 all in?

+vat + postage :frowning:
I’ll just have to stump up.

Thanks though


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