A1 Gp - "GT 250" Support Race Today

Wishing Randy & Scuffers the very best of luck in this showcase event

Qualification times HERE

GO boys!

I expect all of the 355 Challenge owners are a little embaressed!


Unfortunatly they didn’t race today after an engine problem. They returned to Scuffhams to fit another engine this afternoon ready for tomorrows race.

Tap and I only made it on Saturday. I could not make it on Sunday, Tap became overly familiar with a stretch of M25 for a couple of hours before giving up when it was clear that he would miss the GT250 race

Only galleries from Saturday then I am afraid:

A1 Gallery

GT250 Gallery

Well done Chris/Simon, stirling effort to get the car back out for Sunday and gutted that I missed the monster laps you managed to fit in before the ‘incident’. Hope that you can patch it up soon…enjoy the galleries.


Absolutely stunning quality - gobsmacked

Great pics as ever Benja… just sorry we couldn’t be in more of them

Great pics as ever Benja… just sorry we couldn’t be in more of them

Don’t mate,…gutted Look forward to seeing you out at Brands for the night race.

Was sorry to see you spin out, had been looking forward to seeing you embarrass that red M Coupe thing whose tail you’d been all over. The Elise looked tiny compared to everything else on track. Hope the damage isn’t too great and you’re back racing soon.