A048's - Prices (Again)

I have searched the archives, but cannot find much, as I know this subject comes up regularly.

It is time to replace the rears, so looking to change from the A039’s to the A048’s all round. Are there any other good options. Mainly road use with 2-3 track days per years.

Looking for recent prices/locations that you might have paid.
Location needs to be in the Midlands/Central South area, so nearest dealers are Nick Whale, Orchard, possibly Bell & Colville, plus Brooke Kensington Any others?

Thanks in advance,

Paul S

I am sure someone must have some information our there.

I will update this thread once I have finally made a purchase in the next few days/week.

Paul, a pair of rear 48’s fitted by JCT600 cost me �316 all in (inc VAT, fitting, etc) last month. Pair of 39’s were approx �50 more.