Can anyone recommend best place to get new set of A048’s? Tried my local tyre place and he said he cant supply them.
Thanks in advance

Only Lotus dealers and some specailist sadly.

Eliseparts? Plansmotorsport?


Bookatrack have some in stock, speak to Jonny.

Dont let Bookatrack fit them though, thay made a right mess of my rear wheels. Thanks to them its going to be a �100 to refurb them as they wont take responsibity.

I had all four corners done at JCT with 048s for �599 inc VAT and fitting. Took a little while, but no damage done to the car.

Thanks Russ. Jonny is getting a set sorted for me now all I need then is to try them out. Will see if anyone is interested in the Bridgestones that are coming off.