A048 arch clearance?

Just fitted a set of A048 and found that the more square profile causes it to touch/graze the wheelarch liner area around the (non-existant) mudflap whilst turning.
Is this normal?

Mine ie Dave R old car has a nice little hole in the wheelarch liner where the AO48’s have rubbed which he informed me was the norm.

It depends a little on the cornering forces at which it happens. When going for it, most Exiges rub their liners. If it is happening at low speeds it may be a little bit odd though.


If you haven’t had a 4 wheel alignment done for a while, might be worth checking. It made a difference on my car.


Nope…not the Geo…as I have just had this done and apart from an upright that needed changing, the chassis is straight and set-up in the green.
By removing the plastic rawl-nut in the arch liner I have the clearence now. Basically the new A048s are more square in cross-section than the old A039s so that makes the tolerances tight until I scrub some of the shoulder off

Is/was it rubbing on the road side or hub side of the liner?

Glad it’s running better.


Is this on your Elise or have you changed your car ?

Twas the Road side…

Changed car
I now own “prototype” Exige build# 81146 (not 80xxx but 81xxx) The silver one you see in the car reviews and the one from EVO magazine issue 20-ish. Its had a hard life but the chassis is straight and the engine has been thru a BIIIG
refresh so apart from a few cosmetic flaws she’s a runner…

Are they many differencies between the prototype and production model?

Has it got the spacers (3mm a la motorsport wheels) on the hubs?



Is that BT52/Christines old car?

Nope…its Shabbadlers old car… he posted it up for sale a while back. Oh Yea…its doesnt have the 3mm spacers and so far it seems to be like any Exige