A year ago(!) we moved from phpBB to discourse

1 year ago almost to the day we moved from the dinosaur like phpBB to discourse.

How has it been a year already?

I have noted we have a fair few new people to the group and generally the more established members have stuck around.

Whats your feelings a year on?

I am hoping to get someone onboard to sort us some northern meetups on the correct side of the hills. Anyone fancy taking that up? Obviously its a paid position and will bring huge rewards*

Any feedback is welcomed!

(*) not really. Sorry.

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If by Discourse, you mean the current format of the forum then its really good. Slick and modem, took me a while to get used to it but its really good.

Exactly that.

All the softwares are branded.

Glad you like it - took me a bit too but it’s much much better than the old one both in terms of functionality and security / upgrading

Still getting used to it but seems pretty good to me. And I “ don’t like change” according to Mrs Thommo

Good Evening Andy - Ireally like it -especially the emails it generates back to my personal email. Makes me curious as to whats going on !



I was hoping that the emails would generate interest and revisit!

bulls eye :wink: top feature than k you