A worried man

Hello all, I’ve just taken delivery of my beautiful new S2 Exige, but now lost the use of my garage which means she will be outside which has got me worried about her exposed engine, should I cover her up or will she be ok ???

I’d be more worried about my insurance cover if I were you

Specialisd Car Covers, although I don’t know if they’ve done a S2 one yet.

To be honest I think the S2 will be fine outside, the S1’s engine (and door seals!) prefers to be out of the wet for long periods though.


Mines been outside since i get it 2 months ago and will be for another few months until my new house goes through.

Wouldnt wory about it.

Wouldnt wory about it.

Unless he’s told his insurers it’s garaged, & it then gets nicked!!!

Mine S2 has been sat on my drive for over a year now. No problems, I have got a cover that I put on when it snowed etc but no need for rain.

had mine for 8 weeks and some parts in the engine bay have started to go rusty!!!..not happy!!..wish i had a garage.

Just took delivery of an Exige S2 car cover from Specialist Car Covers. Think it was �209. Don’t know if it fits yet, as I haven’t got the car!