A very tasty Vauxhall

I kid you not HERE

nice car,but it would have to come with pamela anderson before i considered saying goodbye to my exige.


Now that would get me thinking about changing, sorry adding

going off the subject of pamela for a second ,where do you get the exige brochure from thats on your web site.
regards carl

If they made the damn thing, I’d be very interested, since the Mk2 Exige is pretty much a joke.

VX220 Sprint anyone ?

To be honest i can’t remember now, it was on the web somewhere

Ever weighed a GM Iron block 3 Litre engine

We looked at one at the Autosport show, who was I with - own up on the Jenvy stand I think … Really nice idea but …

I want one!

Keeping the Exige of course

Very, very nice.

Yeah but with that target weight - who cares, its tunable to 400BHP

I think there’s a pic next to the S2 Exige news & pics in the first few pages of EVO this month.

I have to say, although the pic is poor, from the front it didn’t look as good as Peksy’s link. At bit misformed, like Mr Scleater previous effort, if I recall correctly. He should be able to make a car handle though!


Weighs about the same as an S2 Exige with options!

There’s a laugh.


On paper it looks like where Lotus should be going with the S2 exige. S Sport have to actuall ybuild it first but the numbers look mega (even if half that weight is in the engine block !!)

Out of interest do any of you guys know if there is a max power that the Elise/Exige/VX ali chassis can cope with? . I know that the German Audi engined Esthi was reputed to be tuneable to 640bhp but was the chassis modified to cope? BTW anyone know what happened to it, seem to remember an Exige owner on here had put his name down for one…

He cancelled as they kept rolling the delivery date.

I know it had Espirit brakes, not sure about the chassis though.

640bhp - LOL!



this ain’t the correct qualification but I read somewhere that it takes 9 tonnes to twist the chassis so its pretty strong… it’s prolly the rear sub-frame that would be the weakspot ??

I think the esthi ran into the same old problem… money?? I don’t think they have delivered any customer cars yet? IDG or Pesky will prolly know better.