A tough choice awaits

A business deal has come up so I need to release some capital, sadly the most obvious place is the Exige, so what is my best choice, strip most of the big stuff off the car or sell complete? No real idea, don’t need the cash fast and I have my eye on a little project that I can afford then spend some time getting right (Jonny Fox like plans)
So what do you think? Maybe I need to do a spreadsheet of what the parts are worth?

I reckon if you have the original parts then strip off the carbon items and return back to standard.

…then sell those bits AND KEEP THE CAR!

That certainly is an option as well,

I did a spreadsheet Ade with predicted and actual.

Sell the bits seperate from the car all day long .

I think that is where it is going, I might need to move quick to get the project car I have seen or risk a short term crossover

I think I read John Seal (Lotus Hardtops man) say that cars with lots of goodies now get a premium and can be easier to sell. I am thinking is selling my S2 and will try it fully loaded first and if it does not go strip it back to basic and sell the bits, trying both.

So what’s the project Ade?

They may sell at some premium but not at the odd 10+ grand that Ade has invested.

I have an option on an Exige bodied S1 Elise, finances only will stretch to a fake S1 sadly, but it does look like a nice car

Sadly I fear there are few who would want to spend ~£37k on my car as it stands (owes me way more than that!), I have to look for the way to get the most cash back. Be a shame to break the car up, but there will be a few of you that will be pleased, I’m sure I won’t struggle to sell most of the parts

If you have spent that much, I agree.

Broke my S2 for £24,400 without an engine, had no other choice really. Bought it for £25,500. I considered the modifying a life style choice so didn’t really care what it owed me in that sense. I’d try to sell it complete first as Keith says, maybe remove a couple of tasty bits but I’d be giving it shot NOW!

I don’t have the space to strip it down to that degree as you did, I agree most of the mods are throw away cost, already had a PM or 2 about some bits, not really sure what each bit might be worth

Went through the same, and in the end pulled £20k from the house instead

Can’t pull 20k from the house sadly, just not in that position :frowning:

Got 4.5 K back from my mod parts …
Various other small items

Carbon magpie calling…

Seriously, your car bangs. There are some who realise how much it costs to get a thing right so may be prepared to pay above what may appear market rates for an article made to purpose. As Jonny says, others like to do it themselves because they’re pampered S1 gaylords.

Not sure how to market the car, maybe just pistonheads to start with.