'A' service cost

I am being quoted, err just a minute while I sit down, �366 + VAT. is this about right ?

No. Too much.

errr how much ??? shave at least 100 quid off at an independant… Any thing special being done as well - cambelt ?


Any thing special being done as well - cambelt ?

New Engine???

I just had an A service with 2 new headlights & a set of A048’s at Steve Williams for just over �890, so taking away tyres probably �250 all in. I think its fiberglass services in Arundel do a A service for �97.

Ok, I have now been quoted �277 inc VAT. what do you think ? its better, but it does seem a lot for just the A service (no other work is being done).

thanks guys.

DSE, have you asked Albert in Burnley for a quote?

who’s albert, should I know him ?


Albert is an experienced independant specialist based in Burnley. He is a top bloke, & you may have met at the Watermillock meets last year. His tel no: 07753 441730

Bloody Hell, isn’t an A service just an Oil and Filter and a quick check over.

Bloody hell, drive it to Birmingham and I’ll do it for �150 all in including parts and Lunch!!!


Big thanks to RussT and Mr Pesky !!

Albert is indeed a top bloke and obviously very passionate about cars. I couldnt have asked for a more professional job, what a geezer !!

thanks again.