A motoring magazine revolution (apparently)

I must say, recently, and mainly due to exams and whatnot, I�ve been a bit lacks in my usual Evo-ings, missed the odd issue here and there, only really read the interesting articles from the others… however, in this frankly brilliant weekend of motoring loveliness (�Ring 24, Monaco, and now this) I�ve finally got round to watching some of the content from this place www.drivers-republic.com

Not only does it explain what happened the �Chris on Camera� pieces from autocar, but it also nicely fills the car journalism void I�ve had of late. Well worth registering I reckon…


I wondered where Bovingdon (?) and Meaden had gone to. Thanks for that.

Been signed up to this for the past couple of months… it’s going to be the best thing in motoring journalism/reviews since sliced bread… The team have an awesome dynamic and I’d LOVE to be a part of it!