A 048

Hi,where is the cheapest place to order the Yoko�s A 048 for the Exige ? What do they cost ?Fabian

Cheapest I found was from Kelvedon motors (aka Kelsport) http://www.racecar.co.uk/kelsport/Circa �515 IIRC (don’t quote me though !) Helpful + next day delivery.[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 03 September 2002).]

KelSport are the boys…Call 01775 725457

Funny you should ask - just returned from Kelvedon Motors having picked up a set - invoice in front on me - �594.97 including VAT - if they had fitted them it would have been �619.00 - very nice people.DavidPS Anybody interested in a hardly used set of rear AO39’s and a set of fronts with probably 2K left on them?

David I might be intrested in the rears, I’ve e-mailed you of line.Cheers Dave

Being a bit lazy here as I know I have seen in somewhere but what are the recommended tyre pressures for AO48’s for road and track use.I think I recall 30psi for track use which seems a bit highDavid

DavidSame as the 39s i.e 23 front 26 rear when cold.Above are per Lotus Motorsport as a “starting point” !!