7.5A ECM fuse blowing

Any ideas/ experience with this one?
Parked car in garage overnight, next morning no start.
Fuel pump going, engine turns over but not starting.
Replaced fuse and all OK so far.


Yep, it happened to me (& others too!).

Check the wiring from the ECU to the engine as it passes through the bulkhead. The wires can get damaged, as I found out at the cost of a melted coil!

You may need to take the car to a motor electrical engineer, to have the wires properly tested - that is unless you have a Multimeter.

Bet it doesn’t happen to Elise Coupes, though

Thanks, not sure where the wiring passes through the bulkhead.

Is it obvious?


Below the water header tank.

You’ll probably need to get an auto electrician to test the wires properly, if you can’t see any obvious chaffing where they pass through the bulkhead.

Good luck.

Was the fuse you took out corroded slightly? That can happen in the bulkhead.


No, didn’t see any corrosion. Think JohnO had this checked previously with no real result, only putting new fuse in.

Will check after I get car back from MOT, suspension change and geo. Thanks