61 DD

Who’s car is that? 61 double D, is that measurements?
Exiges.com sunstrip so I guess someone here.
Good modifications including, brake cooling, oil temp gauge, extra oil cooler, speedline wheels, carbon splitter.
Looks really good, in having cam belt at Kelvedon.

That’s Ducatiman’s car

Its in at Kelvedon for suspension geometry setup and cam belt change as I do quite a few track-days.I,ll see you at Croft maybe??

Could I interest you in a 660 mile, Red , June 2002 998 bip, with 998S upgrade-cams, ecu & carbon termis, also single seat unit. Forgot it has the casoli click adjustable levers as well. I haven’t ridden it much because of a neck injury from playing rugby.

Thanks for the offer but I have a 748SPS and that was really just what I wanted-motor-cycle equivalent of an S1 Exige-nice balance between power and handling and stunning to look at!!