Just done 600miles this weekend, best not say where based on the pistonheads article, but in 3 days I saw very few cars and no Loti of any description!!!

Car never missed a beat but me and ‘wah gert’ were two roasters short of a sunday dinner when we got back!

Air con was useless once the tub had soaked up all the heat

Great weekend

Forget blocking up the little air holes, get yer leg on the sill for some hot scalding action. I bought a bottle of coke, and left it in the net, within 20 mins its was like tea…eurgh.

600 miles, keep it up m8y. Is it the Nyloc meeting next tuesday?

Howdy! It is indeed the 26th from about 19.00hrs ish. I should be there, will you???

It was that hot outside I ended up with ‘truckers Arm’ !!!

I’ll be knackered as I’m off for a dirty long weekend in Scotland, but I hope to be there. I’ll probably go the back roads to York on those ones we came down from Elvington on, and hop on the A64, then head west I suppose.

sounds like a plan!