6000rpm only before cut out activated

Hi, an old topic I posted some time ago but still not fixed. Engine runs smoothly to 6k but cut out intervenes so doesn’t switch to high cam. Checked temperatures and oil pressure switch, both OK. Only fault code showing is P0012 A camshaft position - timing over-retarded (bank 1). New short engine was fitted before I bought the car. Anybody had similar or any suggestions.

If it were me, I’d pop the rocker cover off, take a look at the sprockets on the end of the camshafts and make sure they seem to be aligned as expected - although I suspect they probably are? While you’re there, replace your lift bolts to rule that out at the same time :slight_smile:

I was going to suggest lift bolts as well. Quick, easy and cheap to change

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll get some lift bolts when back in the UK over Christmas.