6 speed

Is anyone here running the Quaife 6-speed sequential gearbox? If so, any comments good or bad?



Steve Butts has a Quaife 6 speed, not sure if it is sequential, but he says his car is F’ing quick !!

Is he on this board? How can I get ahold of him??



ps. Dave says my motor will be done next month

I’ll pass the message on to Steve when i see him

How long has the motor taken then Roy ?

I called him in October or November…

Feel like we are giving birth


Steves on hols at the mo, but I help him fit the 6spd. It’s not a huggggge job, so long as you turn one of the subframe bolts round before you put the gearbox in (else you have to take it out again. Doh !)

Had a drive of it, and yes… it is f’in quick ! The 6spd keeps it right in the powerband.

Me? I prefer a more torquey engine (740 cams) and a 5spd.


How does the 6-speed compare to the UCR box? I have the UCR kit sitting in the garage waiting for installation this winter.

Here’s the data from Quaife. It sounds like it’s 6 gears spread out over the range of the 6-speed UCR box.

Mr Oliver,
Thank you for your interest in Quaife products. The sequential gearkit for the Elise/Exige has just been released by Quaife last month.
Although it is a gearkit, due to the extensive fitment work and modifications required, the 6-speed kits (whether H-pattern or sequential) must be installed into the standard gearbox by Quaife at this time.
To accomplish this, we can supply a built complete box on an exchange basis. For delivery, we anticipate a wait of approx 4-5 weeks from date of order at his time. This depends on when the order is placed and the availability of a core gearbox to start work on.
Costs are as follows:
Lotus Elise 6-Speed SEQUENTIAL dog engagement gearkit $8,275.00
labor to fit $500.00
core charge (returned upon receipt of customer’s box) $750.00
Optional Digital Gear Position Display $750.00
ATB Differential for PG1 gearbox $1,045.00
We offer one set of ratios and one final drive ratio for the 6-speed sequential kit. Ratios are:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
2.583 2.071 1.688 1.412 1.2 1.048


The ratios of your 5-speed are most likely:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
2.615 1.937 1.556 1.273 1.043


So, you can see that the new 6th gear is essentially the same as your existing 5th ratio-wise. So, if you are running a Quaife final drive now, and not the standard Lotus one, the new 6th is going to be where your 5th is now, with another ratio set in between 1st and 6th - all ratios are just closer together.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

Looks like for the cost of a new gearset you could nearly pay for a 275 HP Honda conversion that includes a 6 speed with an LSD.

Fully agree Joe, your conversion sounds much better.
But it’s not the same, he’s talking about a sequential one (paddle type). They also offer the normal 6 speed, which is cheaper.
But if I was going to spend 10K, the full Honda conversion sounds much better.