6 Point Harnesses

My 2-Eleven has clearly had 5/6 Point harnesses on the driver side at some point in its life. It has holes in the floor for the crotch strap(s) and the old sealant underneath that was sandwiched by the spreader plate.

The rear eyelet fixings are still bonded to the chassis, but no eyelets screwed in. The eyelet spreader plates are rather rusty, so I’d probably look to peel those off and refurb/check for corrosion on the floor etc.

I’d like to restore to 5 or 6 point harness, at least for the driver. There are a couple of sources for the crotch strap bar/spreader plate so not too concerned about that… but the harness itself I need to source.

There’s a Lotus Part No. for it but I can’t find any pictures of it. Does anybody know if it still uses the wrap-around harness bar (or rollbar in my case)? A quick Google of Schroth 6 point harnesses showed that they all seemed to use eyelets for the shoulder fixings.

I’m expecting/hoping that:

The 5/6th point(s) are wraparound on the crotch bar.
Shoulder straps are wraparound on the harness bar.
Waist straps are eyelet type for the floor mountings.

I know I’ll need a new seat and all that, it’s a bit of a backburner job but I’d like to start collecting bits so if anyone knows of an up to date Schroth Harness that’s available somewhere, let me know.

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Does this help?

Hi Fonzey,
The 5 point FIA approved harness was an option for the Exige S1 at build, which I had fitted.

At the time Safety Devices were the chosen manufacturer/supplier.

I believe in the Exige case, the waist straps along with the crotch strap are fitted to the seat and the shoulder harnesses are wrapped around the roll bar.

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll see if I can find a part number and take some pictures after the weekend.

Bear in mind that this is a 2001 fit, so not sure if they are still available.

Thanks both, this has been useful.

I’ve had some help from a forum lurker too, the old Schroth/Safety Devices options are no longer available in the exact same format so the options going forward seem to be:

  • Get something custom, the likes of Willans are apparently very good at taking a spec and making whatever you need.

  • Get a Schroth Flexi 2x2. This comes with latch hook things for the waist (good, for the floor mounted eyelets I’ll have) and for the shoulder straps and crotch straps (bad, as I need wraparound) - but the buckles can be undone and converted to wraparound (good).

The problem with this, is that I’d have 2" belts all the time - which really should go hand in hand with a HANS. I use HANS on track, but obviously not on the road. Ideally 3" belts should be used on the road.

So I could then look at a mongrel setup, I think the Schroth ecosystem will let me mix and match the waist/crotch belts from the 2x2 Flexi, but use my 3" shoulder belts. I could even swap belts out for trackdays, as there’s no denying the 2" is more convenient for hooping over a HANS.

Ultimately, it makes sticking with a 4pt ASM belt feel like the path of least resistance…

Hi Fonzey,
If you’re still open to suggestions try out Demon-tweeks.com
A little expensive but they do have an extensive range of harnesses available.

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