5500 Stutter

I have read with interest the problems some of you guys are having with the car missing at 5500 revs. I too have that problem and usually once the car is shutdown and restarted it disappears, Until recently. Now since I have had my chip reprogrammed under a lotus recall I hit the rev limiter at approx 7800, the next time I get to 5500 revs the car stutters and wont rev past this limit. I’ve taken it to my lotus dealer who have replaced the chip but now say the miss is mechanical and wont to charge me for taking the head of to check their theory. Any of you had this problem or do you have any suggestions. They did originally say that the 5500 stutter was a built in safety feature because the engine had detected a miss (but I didn’t have one)

Check your wheel speed sensor, the one on the RH side of the car, make sure the contacts are good etc - dont just assume it looks conetcted - the new chip really does put a limit of 5500 on when it detects a miss.

Oh yes - and go to another dealer ASAP !!

…Just to agree with Andyd.Once I inspected and cleaned my wheel speed sensor the 5500 stutter went and hasn’t returned!

Apart from the wheel speed sensor - if you have a genuine mis-fire you will rev-limit at 5500 with the new map, so check you don’t have a real miss as well.

I had exactly the same. Was the wheel speed sensor again.