50 days ago we moved platforms

50 days ago we migrated to this platform.

It seems to be a reasonable success with some longer established users visiting ( Hi @dris , @lilash , amongst others such as @AndyD ) and frequent revisits of newer members such as myself , @MC_PEA , @RS400

Its too early in this platform to compare 1/4s, and I cannot easily compare the old platform metrics to the new ones as they are measured slightly differently. Looking broadly at the data though we are more active as a collective and are having more users revisit. I hope this continues. For what its worth you have uploaded 642.7mb of images so far.

Is there anything you feel we are missing in terms of feature or way things operate? If I can change it , I will!


As a new user, I wasn’t massively familiar with the old site, but I’m enjoying the new version and appreciate all the effort you have been putting in to make it happen.

I’ve noticed on a few of occasions that links to older posts are no longer working. (The links I have attempted to access were posted within Exige related Seloc threads).

I’m not sure if this is possible to avoid when moving to a new platform though?

Ill have to try and find a link and see if I can do some redirect magic.

Thanks for pointing it out.

I really like the new platform - having operated the same software (phpbb - what exiges.com was) for 18 years I’m very much aware of its drawbacks and lack of development for real users rather than techhies. As an example (on NYLOC’s forum), Thommo often uploads from his iPhone and the images appear 90 degrees rotated. The answer from the phpbb community is that users should figure out how to orient their images before uploading. Nope - we’re way past that now, the software should assist the user and the devs have got the skills to make it happen but they’re stuck in their little worlds enjoying the olden days. I really like phpbb, I’m not beating up on it because I’ve got this love / hate relationship with it.

I digress (boy can I digress).

No looking back from me, I think Exiges might lack the familiarity of the old site but that’s about it. What I think it lacks is it doesn’t look “Exige-y” enough. There’s a few hurdles involved with sorting that but nowt that can’t be sussed after a bit of jiggerypokery. And then we’re into aesthetics and that’s not what the thread is about.

Case closed, crack on :+1:

Useful and positive feedback @PaulT as ever.

Happy to open dialogue with the asthetics. I appreciate we are basically a slight reskin with an exiges logo. What are you thinking?

Much smaller logo and drop the www bit (have you seen what it does to the favicon?) and a letterbox image in the header background. I just tried it but it doesn’t look quite right as it depends what the image is as to whether it obscures things inthe menu.

Needs a mockup and I still haven’t re-done the original 3-car lineup have I? I’ll see if we get one of each turn up this Sunday… Mark H is better with a camera than me, we’ll have a go! Actually, if we bring that back and it just sits to one side, that might be enough cos it’s a white background.

Noted on the WWW. I can sort that out.

I think I have the favicon too large as well - your right!

Again, Ill sort

I’ll concede it’s taken a while to get used to it, but no complaints now. Everything just works, few quality of life improvements and if it’s more secure and easier to maintain then that seems like a win:win.

Mark , can you let me know a link thats dead now? I want to try a rewrite.

No worries, think it was this one I tried before via Seloc: https://exiges.com/bb/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=16264&hilit

Link on Seloc is here, towards the bottom of the page: SELOC Forums

Crikey, thats a super old link. Pre phpBB.

Thats dead I am afraid!

Ah ok :smile:

Thanks for having a look Andy :+1:

The site looks great and easy and intuitive to use. Well done!
I have a question about messages, I can’t see some message conversations I had with some members prior to the move across to the new site. Is there a way of retrieving them?

Crumbs, there were no import issues logged with missing PM so I am not 100% sure where they might have gone.

Ill have to double check at some point in the near future as I took a DB dump of the old site so could possibly reanimate that and get the message from there if its needed.

I dont have access to that machine at the moment as I am " between houses" (!)

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Its been ~4mo now since we moved over.

Anything I have missed or you would like changing? Open to suggestion!