5,500 stutter (revisited)

I know there have been post’s in the past re this problem ,but having gone through the archives I don’t think a conclusion was ever made.Is the problem solved by a replacement set of plug leads or is it the ecu or coil?.I ask because today during a brisk run my car suffered this problem.
Any Ideas


I replaced plugs and leads,but convinced my car was only cured once I had given my wheel speed sensor a proper clean-up.In my experience,this should be what you should look at first.


looks like you might get lots of answers and they will all probably be true… which might be why you couldn’t see a conclusion when you searched??

Anyway… my stutter has never ever revisited since getting the ecu recall done (something like 8-10k miles ago), so i say get this done.

cheers and good luck

Cleaned the wheel speed sensor tonight ,problem seems to have gone.Thanks for input.


Hi, new Exige owner here (New Aluminium 190). After a sudden enforced 5,500rpm rev limit I searched this forum and you guys have delivered the goods and the cure was to check my wheel speed sensor, which was clean but pulling apart slightly. Pushed it together and now I can rev freely.
Thanks for the tip. However the connector seems a little crap, to say the least, and I couldn’t think of a method of ensuring that it stays securely connected in the future. Are there any tips for securing the connection?

Stategically placed tie wraps and fill the connector with some grease to keep the water out


Didn’t you have some better connectors from RS to replace these? rather than stuff it full of grease ?

Yeah I did