440 injectors, fuel pump and 260 ECU upgrade - which order?

I have purchased some 440cc injectors and a uprated fuel pump.

I have a friend at Lotus who will unlock the ecu and remap it to the 260 tune (same as the CN map I assume) and I am going to ask ES Motorpsort to fit the injectors and(?) the pump. I was told by Lotus the pump needs to be fitted for their 260 tune.

Is it best for me to send the ECU off to him first then refit to my Exige and then take the car to ES for the injectors and pump?

The injectors are easy to fit and need to be done with the ECU, the pump can wait till after, just drive sensibly and you will be fine, the pump only stops it going lean at the top of the rev range and on my car it was only when you got closer to 300hp

Thanks - I was reading a few older posts about having to solder them in place!? That sounded scary to me.

Can I not buy some adapters for the new injectors?

which injectors did you get?

I purchased them 2/h off eBay:

They look like they just pluggin ok, the only worry is making sure the lower injector cushions go in ok

Ah cool, cheers.

Are there any guides to fitting them? I have not been able to find that much info on that side of things (just massive debates about 4-1’s and AFR’s!) :wink:

if I remember right it is quite obvious

Pull the fuel pump fuse while the engine is running to depressurise the fuel system then keep things spotlessly clean…

^^^ this, turn the engine a few times and the fuel system will be depressurised so you can dismantle.

Cheers guys!