4000rpm 2nd cam?

The 240r 2nd cam comes in at 4000rpm. Would it, or, could it be any advantage to set a standard s2 exige to do the same?
I know it would make the car less economical. But would it improve the performance?

I’m pretty sure it would - if it is indeed possible

Us “Honda Boyz” with the Hondata ECU, can have our cars mapped so the 2nd cam comes in at say 4K rpm, but only at full throttle, so we get the best of all worlds.

I’m shortly having mine on the rolling road for a bespoke map - at present, 2nd cam comes in at 5250rpm.

Interesting stuff will have to consult the USA Yota forums see what has been tried…

5200rpm sounds much better…

It would be nice to have a toggle switch on the dash to knock it down a 1000rpm when required.

I Think the Toyota is all ecu controlled aswell so would be surprised to hear that no one has already done it.

No point on the standard Exige / 111R as it doesnt have enough tourque.