3SGTE (celica gt4 / mr2) engine - Exige S2

Was doing a bit of googling earlier, and a few things on the web suggested that the mr2 turbo engine (260bhp as std)& gearbox is direct swap for the 2ZZ-GE. All the engine mounts are in the correct position!

Not really of interest to me as I wouldn’t want the turbo power delivey, but certainly a good way to achieve high bhp with the right ecu?! Surprised Ronin never went this way with his…

I sadly think you have been given wrong iformation, that engine is a heavy lump of non modern pig iron, the gearbox is not a straight swop it is the one Ronin uses and is only any good with big power, I doubt it would be either good or easy, rather go Audi if an engine swop was on the cards.

I’m aware ronin used the box, but he didn’t transplant the engine as well.

The celica guys seem to think the engine and box are a straight swap - you woudln’t need to go to the length ronin did with adpator plates and custom flywheels as g/box goes with the engine.

I wouldn’t thought the ratios would be far out, as that what toyota fit together in the Mr2?

Like I said, not for me - was curious reading it though.

Worst bit is that the MR2 engine has the turbo on the front - so up against the bulkhead.

Agree they are a good engine that does massive power though!!

Good point, the engine is back to front with the intake and exhaust mani.

Mind due, if there is room from for the supercharger at the front then there could just be room.

Nice idea but there are already better proven options, you are right though they do make huge power, but they are rather agricultural in their delivery