350 gear shift in earlier cars

I was at Donington on Monday and the person there said his v6 Exige had been upgraded to the new 350 gear shift. I thought that was impossible but he says HPE did the work. Very odd if it can be done. I would consider a v6 but not with the normal gearbox linkage which I did not like and a 350 is too much money.

Anyone on here with experience of this, I’m not going to ask on the other place!

Yes its been done a few times, Its not a direct fit and the new lever needs some careful mods, but doable by skilled hands
Why not the other place(s)?
TLF and Seloc have a massive following with some very very knowledgeable people…

Never used Tfl, I find that seloc has some dubious advice and warriors. I tend to find the few on here give good answers, as you just did.

It is an interesting option.

When Dan mentioned it to me he described it as a “project” rather than a conversion kit he expects many people will go for, ie it took a lot of work to get right!

It’s a cool project though, I could never get on with the aesthetics of the alitech shifter thing so the Lotus one would have been a great retrofit to the range if viable.

Just having new cables made. Then I can fit one in the Elise project…

Contemplating one of these https://www.monkeywrenchracing.com/product/truleo-letsla-shift-mechanism-lotus-elise-exige-2007-12/

Was I very unlucky with the v6 car I tried, it was a Demo on the Silverstone circuit and the instructor had as much difficulty as me with it bulking on 3rd?