340R wirh Honda K20A Power in the back ...

Hi there,
just took some pictures if this beauty 340R. It has the Honda K20A engine. Looks great and a great job that again Komo-Tec in germany has done!!!




Fabian - looks nice…

Got any power graphs or performance data…

We love that sort of thing !!

Cripes… that’s going to be a fast car…

You just need to supercharge it now !

















Wow !!
What a beauty.
Makes me wonder why I am still with the K engine… until I browsed their website and found the price Thanks for info and photos Fabian.


Hi Maxime,

trust me it worth the price !!! You will have great fun!


Hi Fabian,

I see you have a 260 ps honda powered Exige. Wow !
Is it a specail order as I see on the website that they give the engine for “only” 230 ps ?
Isn’it 260 too much in an exige ? Is the car still well balanced ? I am very interested in doing the same but 1) price is very high
2) I really like the car handling right now and feel scared
3) Blink motorsport does a similar one (less power though)

Maxime, there are various kits out there. I did here a rumour that somebody was developing a much cheaper Honda kit. Can’t remember who, anybody else know?

If you do a search, you’ll see Fabian has done a few things to his engine.

The power shouldn’t be too much of an issue. There’s a Audi conversion giving out over 300bhp and a supercharged Honda underway, which should be similar. Personally, the ability to loosen the backend a bit with the throttle would add to the handling.

Remember though, you’re not likely to get back hardly any of what you put in and other bits will need to be upgraded or replaced more often due to the increased stresses. ANd as for tyres!

Still, it would be fabulous!


Agree with you Ian, definitively need more power.
I heard also www.ukgarage.it doing a compressor kit for VHPDs ? Any good ? Anyone ever tried this. Scared about extra heat :frowning:
Price is about Eur 7,000 for 230 PS. I do have an UCR fitted to the 340 but still would like more raw power. Hate to be stuck on tracks on loooooooong straights… even though I simply love twist parts following :slight_smile:

have benn on the track (mugello) with my exige. There was an elise S2 with this 230 conversion (the one max mentions).
I really had no probs passing it everywhere…and how.
My car is a bit modified but still 190.



we have done some more changes to the car, so it hould be more now than 260PS, we will be the end of the week on the dyno. Personally i do not like any turbo or kompressor. I will keep you posted what HP we have achieved!


Who needs a turbo or a compressor when you have an avatar like that !!!

Yes pls Fabian keep us posted.
Do you have the ratios of the close ratio gears ?