340R for sale...excellent spec!!!

My 340R is now officially for sale much to my regret

As you may probably be aware I have struggled with the supercharger conversion for 20 months now and have finally had enough.

The car is currently back at TT having everything related to the supercharger taken OFF of the car. The reason I want this done is that the supecharger and chargecooler are causing countless problems with cooling (or lack of it).

The engine will however retain the excellent internal work that TT perform on it (I’ve got a word document showing the spec they build it to, if anyone wants to see it) and will be a very strong engine indeed, probably putting out in the region of 220bhp, but in a reliable fashion as opposed to the 290bhp we were getting but extreme unreliability. The engine will also have only done in the region of 1200 miles since it’s last full rebuild, around only 30 of these on track :slight_smile:

The spec other than this goes:

Oil Cooler (std. cars don’t have this believe it or not)(Lotus)
Race Battery (Lotus)
SRF Brake fluid and St/St braided hoses (Lotus)
Ultra Close Ratio Box with B&M Short Shift unit (Lotus)
Titanium track exhaust (Lotus)
Carbon Fibre Seats (Reverie)
Carbon Fibre Rear Wing Supports (raises the rear light clusters 10mm and therefore stops them clattering the rear mudguards…common fault) (Reverie)
Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser (Reverie)
Carbon Fibre Engine Bay Cover with “Boost Tube” (Reverie)
“Snap off” removable steering wheel (very small and I still have the original) (Sparco)

The car has also just had a full service.

There are some pics here:
although the car hasn’t got all the CF bits in them.

The original Technomagnisio wheels are on the car and fitted with the original Yoko A038 tyres, I reckon these have around 4000 road miles left on them or 4-5 track days. Also with the car is a spare set of wheels (make escapes me now but very nice indeed) that are fitted with Yoko Advan Neuova tyres, these were developed for the 340R/Exige exclusively for wet/normal road use as to be honest the A038’s are terrible in standing water and not as good as a slick on track. It was my intention to keep these for road/wet track use and fit slicks to the techno’s for dry track use.

I think that’s the full spec but probably have forgotten something :slight_smile:

The car at the moment requires a new windscreen, front foglight and also has a chipped front spoiler, however all of these things will be sorted.

I am asking �23k for the car.
I realise there is the outside chance of obtaining a car for �19k-ish (although I doubt it, a written-off example has just sold at auction for �14.5k) but the Carbon parts alone on this car cost �5k and the engine work is worth a good �2k alone.

I expect the car back from TT around 20/10/03.

Before you ask I’ve bought an Ultima CanAm