340 R For SALE £18,000

lotus 340r for sale completly original,perfect condition,2700 miles ,tracker ,alarm,imoberliser all fitted.w reg.first to see will buy. if interested call steve on 07909994063 [email protected]

Come on, if you can, do us all a favour and don’t sell so cheap.
You’re selling too low. I understand that you may have a special situation on going, but IMHO you should seek the people that are looking for them and make some money. Like the US, rest of Europe, Japan, etc.
That way the market stays well and healthy.

I guess we all want to keep the special cars like the Exige and 340R highly quoted.


were do you sugest i advertise it then to get a good price .ive just had twins and the misses needs a family car so any sugestions would be helpful

Pistonheads is the place to sell :


And its free. Also try Top Marques/Autotrader, but that’ll cost.

Another idea is to advertise in EVO Magazine - but again I think thats �30.

I would guiess even a Lotus dealer would give you more than that, around �23K, for him to sell it for �25K.
You also have magazine that advertises Top Marques (is that the name?) or you could contact Lotus and see when they are organizing the next track day/Lotus meeting and be there with a FOR SALE sticker.
Hope you have good luck with the sale, and remember, you can get more for it if adevrtised correctly.


Hmm… anything over �20K would be a “result” in my opinion for a 340R.

Sorry, but I’m personally not a great fan of this particular model, but I hope that Dentz is successful.

ive just had twins and the misses needs a family car so any sugestions would be helpful

So, get her one and keep the 340R for yourself

p.s. Did giving birth to twins hurt

cheers 4 the advice ill advertise it in those places too and yes giving birth to twins did look painfull luckly thats the wifes dipartment

does anyone know if top marques has a website cheers.

Yep - have a look at www.topmarques.co.uk - and they’ve got a 340R on there for �18k…