330bhp K series?

As a shortly to be ex-Elise driver (car going back off contract hire) I had been looking at an Exige. I have however succumbed to an alternative route. As about 90% of use is on track days I’ve gone and bought a Sylva Fury with 235bhp normally aspirated Cosworth engine, s/cut box, lsd etc etc (ex race car). That plus a landrover and trailer will cost me about 50% less than an Exige. First outing at Brands GP circuit next Thursday (anyone else going?, Easytrack, 199 quid, good deal for GP)… Anyway enough of that unfaithful talk…Fact is that I went to Warrior Automotive Research at Uckfield this morning to get OK on the Cosworth engine before I handed over the readies for the Fury and what did they have on the bench? A K series engine with a sodding great Rootes blower strapped to it. The engine is pretty trick all round apparently and the owner, who reputedly will have spent about 22k (!!!) on buying and building this engine is planning to put it in his Elise/Exige (guy wasn’t sure).They were planning to dyno it Monday and when I stated that I wished I’d had my camera to snap the lump the builder said 'better be quick, might well be in bits after Monday…'So, own up, anyone out there lay claim to this rather extreme little project?btw, not all great, guy reckoned it would end up pretty much doubling the engine’s weight and quite how that will upset things in an Elise I don’t know…Paul