3/4 size number plate. Plods view???

The standard no. plate looks far too big on the front of my S1 . I Like the 3/4 size.
Anybody know the difinitive Plod view on this ??? especially if it is a Points offence

its better not to have one on at all and keep it in the boot

If you haven`t got one,how can you keep it in the boot!

cos its in the boot

so,its in the boot,....ok.....but its not really there in the boot…is this some new James Bond spy type rear clam you are making?

Full details of the requirements are included in The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001

This is a good site:


or if you are too lazy…the law states that the only vehicles that can legally display a motorcycle sized font are:
Display of Vehicle Registration Marks on Imported Vehicles
(which have a restricted space for a standard sized number plate)[/color]
Certain imported vehicles may be permitted to display number plates with smaller characters if:

The vehicle does not have European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval


The vehicle’s construction/design cannot accomodate standard size number plates

assuming we are talking vehicles that post date September 2001 for 1st registration. There are different rules for older vehicles.

The law does not actually refer to the overall size of the plate but rather the size of individual letters, the spacing between them and the margins. Thus if you have the registration “AA 1” you can have a very short plate and it is still legal.

Offences may result in any or all of the following:

A fine of up to �1,000
The registration mark may be WITHDRAWN
The vehicle may FAIL the MOT test

I got pulled over this morning - no mention at all of my 3/4 italic front plate, but told to change the rear italic plate to proper font !

I mentioned that they came with the car (incl MoT) and that I’ve had it MoT tested since then and it passed. They were OK about it - just said “get it changed as you might get a producer next time”. No paperwork issued, and pretty friendly approach to it all.

Oh, I’ve got to change my rear red indicators as well…

Oh, I’ve got to change my rear red indicators as well…


my front 3/4 plate keeps getting knocked off wink wink but i keep a spare in the boot underneath the carpet for track use

havent been pulled over for 6 months

if i am then i can explain that the front plate must have been knocked off that day perhaps when i drove over a speed bump and that i will get it replaced as soon as possible


in response to the original question 3/4 plate is technically against the rules for road use

Oh, I’ve got to change my rear red indicators as well…


I just prefer the look - seems less fussy than red and orange lights. Oh well - have to change them now.