2pot front caliper on rear

My Exige came with Ap 4pots on the front and standard on the Rear.
Got hold of some 2pot fronts and I would like to mount them on the rear all the brackets I’ve seen are for S2

Is there any brackets for the S1

The usual mod was to use Motorsport rear steel uprights ( designed for the 2 pots) and then fabricate a bracket to hold some type of handbrake caliper to keep the MOT man happy … or carry a brick

You would also need Motorsport drive flanges as the bearing is larger … so probably these days, as those parts are rocking horse pooh/costly, its just best to get a full set of GT uprights from EP, but check which 4 pots you have, the AP pro 5000 ones fit the GT upright but AP 5100 type have a different offset and wont fit.

You can with the aluminium rear hub. Steel one will be a bit of challenge.

I found a full set of S2 hubs and converted it. New discs, wheels, toe link end adapter, etc. So can be costly.

With selling the old parts and wheels (steel rear hubs have a value) you can break even.

Do you find the 4 pots are overbraked and the fronts lock up too easily? Is that why you are thinking of the 2 pots on the rear?

What’s it like with the 2 pots on the front? With strong pads, would that be sufficient braking? I guess depends on what you use the car for.

With the S1 being so light, normally the 2 pots are enough for strong braking when using larger ally belled docs for cooling and Pagids or CLs.