2L Turbo Exige

The guy who bought my orange exige phoned me up a few nights agao to ask some questions about setup etc, he has installed a 2l mazda turbo motor, with a 6 speed opel box, and has recorded an official time, as he owns the drag strip, of 11.6 1/4 mile at 202 km/h on it’s first run.

He’s coming around next week for some advice tips etc, will try and get a video of a run in it for you guy’s. Gonna be sad to see the orange one again, it was me favourite colour. Maybe he likes silver and we can swop bodies, car bodies that is.

Will keep you guy’s posted

forget the vid, just get more info on the conversion

mike, how about using your data to work out what your 1/4 mile time is? Isn’t area under the graph the distance?


Wrong thread Ian

You’re obviously more up on your drag strip times than I Phil. I just wanted to know how that compared to mike’s monster.

For anybody I confused, please see here for the graph I was refering to.


I lifted and braked at around 105 so times would not be exciting !!!

Once the motor is sorted after it’s plug eating episode I’ll try again…