2bular Exhaust system

Hi all
Im looking to put a 2Bular exhaust on my exige S only thing is im spoilt for choice

  1. GT3 Style
  2. Through difuser a la stage 2
  3. Ultima ( v loud apparently )

Any body got any experiance of which is best ? ( or most suitable )
I think jamie runs the gt3 style but has anybody tried any of the others ?

I would suggest the GT3 style, but then I’m not really fond of the exhaust coming through holes in the diffuser.

I would stay away from the loud system if you intend to do trackdays (increasing noise restrictions)

Having said that, I don’t even have an S2!

I think first of all the style you choose is a personal thing
The GT3 style I cant fault and I think looks the like the muts nuts! Plus less weight and less bends the gas flow has to negotiate
The main thing is to decide on the noise level you want Jim now does a range of sizes (the smaller the louder it will be) If you want to get on the track you will need one of the quieter boxes.
One of the guys up here has the through the diffuser design and loves it too.

Jamie have you got an 8" one (silencer that is ???)
is it under 98db

Yes to all questions

Got any sound clips jamie ???

Try these

i have the 2ubular ultra and it is sublime. very mellow… very smooth… very sexy.
I also purchased an arqray single tip (you can never have enough exhausts)

on tickover the ultra is very quite where as the arqay is very noticable

under load the ultra sounds very smooth quite high pitched and as near to a ducatti sound that you could make this engine sound like
under load the arqray has a “rougher” sound more broken not so smooth and more along the lines of a spitfire plane.

both produce bangs, pops and maybe the odd flamage on overrun with the decat.

the ultra must be the lightest exhaust bar none.

the build quality on the arqray is robotic precision where as jim does a fantastic hand job.

in terms of pure noise level/decibel they are very similar with the arqray maybe just pipping it but due to the jagged nature of the noise.

the arqray because of the spitfire “nature” gets heads turning from a mile down the road, and because the ultra sounds very ducatti people think a motorbike is coming and only turn around 50meters up the road.

because of the panel out it only takes 20mins to swap between the two.

i would say ultra if you are mental on a day to day basis and the arqray at weddings and funerals just to create some real head banging interest.

summary: go for the ultra you wont regret it… even my wife says its a really nice sounding exhaust even thogh its as loud as F@ckk
i love both the arqray and ultra (which must be the loudest exhausts on the market for the exige) for different reasons.

whatever… get a 2ubular as jim is the exhaust king and a great bloke to boot.

whatever… get a 2ubular as jim is the exhaust king and a great bloke to boot.

Plus “he does a fantastic hand job”.

AND I wear calf-skin gloves to do it!