2bular 8x22 exhaust and high-flow sports cat

I am currently in the process of selling my car but would like to offer members on Exiges my 2bular 8x22 oval system exhaust and 2bular high-flow sports cat.

The system is currently on my car, but I do have the original exhaust and cat available to swap back over. The system was purchased in August 2010 and has covered around 6000 miles, so it is in fantastic condition!

Anyone who is interested in this, please drop me a message or reply to this thread.

The price for the complete system (exhaust + cat) is �400 which I believe is a great saving over the price of nearly �900 that I paid last August.

Any questions, please ask :slight_smile:



where is Essex are you? any chance I could have a listen?

I had a 2bular on mine when I bought it… but took off as was soooooooooooo boomy.

But now its very boring!

I’m in Chelmsford.

Drop me a message if you want to chat about it over the phone. Happy for you to come and have a listen / drive out to see what you think.



Billericay here :slight_smile:

Porkie - PM sent :slight_smile:

pm sent