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Pictures of new colour cheme here : http://www.bookatrack.com/-pg?2544

Quite happy with the way it turned out.

I like that

I’m also quite taken by the Motorsport Master Cylinder

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Thanks for the repair of the link

The M/C seems smaller but works much better, and the best bit is the clutch is now seperate so clutch problems don’t mean bleeding the whole system every time. The car will look better with some sponsor stickers on next year, sort of tie the whole scheme together, had to get custom size cirles made up because the porsche challenge numbers are made for porsche doors, and there is not a flat enough surface on our cars for them.

But hell that’s a fair old dolly tub in front of the passenger seat


What are the two red pipes behind the brake reservoir ??

What are the two red pipes behind the brake reservoir ??

Battery cut-offs - I think Jason has one in the cabin, plus one on the car’s exterior.

PS Just noticed that each of the end plates on the rear spoiler are different - not sure why though, unless Jason only drives oval circuits

ahhh… thought he was hiding some massive ICE from us…

Also noticed one of the wing end-plates was missing… wots the story Jason ?

Pesky you got it right, i put both front wheels on the right and back wheels on the left, instant stagger End plates were being painted blue, was gonna leave em black but it just did not work. The red cables are for the battery cut off switch, wiring is currently a mess in the front are, but i will get there. Car is rooflessat the moment, i decided that i wanted the roof scoop to fit without gaps as it looks like a bad panel fit so it is currently being made upin carbon along with the rear window while he’s at it instead of having aluminium there, he phoned me yesterday to say it should be ready by wednesday Just hope it’s not gonna get to hot in the cabin, then again how much hotter can it get ?

The Zero 2000 bass box is a bit large, but i am willing to make sacrifices in the pursuit of extra boom, where to put the tft screen though, without sun visors and all


Good stuff, that speciality from Stellenbosch, isn’t it, hic…



Good stuff, good times, so few memories though, good stuff

I got the same MS Reservoir, but the hose routing in the picture is very different than mine - I just have a pair of hard pipes connecting to the front and rear outlets. You got 2 banjo connectors in front and one in the rear - I gather the front two means you don’t have a Y connector where the air con would go? I’m curious about the thread size and supplier of those banjos, because I want to shim in a pair of Stack sensors there.

thanks in advance.

If memory serves correctly the thread is m10 x 1, it was a very difficult size to get hold of because the MC needs a deper thread and could not tighten up with the hard pipes, our local AP supplier has all the goodridge hoses and fittings, i think the fittings are goodrigde he has a cupboard full of fittings taller than me so i am certain getting one for a sensor would not be a problem from the right supplier, i took the car to him on the trailer and we made them to fit at his workshop, far easier. The banjo connectors work a charm and they are available in different angles etc, the front y connector is now replaced by the dual banjo with fittings at 45 degrees to go to either side. it was far easier to have one pipe going to each caliper than a y connector, far less fittings to tighten or to check for leaks at

Because my blower fan died a terrible death i removed it and routed the new hose for the bias valve through the inlet and straight to the valve, It was really nice to have the stuff made up as we went along, because measuring then going to get the pipe and getting back and finding you have measured 5cm to short is frustrating.

im liking that!

I cant wait!