255 cup UK owner

Hello. Have had a few lotus cars and most recently a 255 cup. NYLOC member and tend to frequent SELOC forums. Thought I’d join here and help
Contribute where I can.

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Hello :wave:

Thanks for taking the time to sign up. Will also be great to have your contributions!

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Let’s see some pictures…didn’t go the big Seloc fest then!

No, was that this weekend? I was in Whitby with NYLOC

Only one pic as I’m new

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You will be granted more access automatically as you stick around!

ETA I have just manually bumped your level up. Enjoy.

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Welcome and thanks for joining.

Love a Cup/MS car. Let us know how you get on with it.

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It’s my fault :rofl:

Good chatting with you on the pier :+1:

Hell fire, they’ve got coats on - it was roasting!

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That was early on @PaulT when it was pissing it down. Presume they aren’t used to that yorkshire weather. Cheers for the forum heads up :slight_smile: