I’ve just pick up the new Autocar magazine with the first drive review of the New Lotus Sport Exige 240R.
It sound unreal…“This is one of the very fastest cars you can buy for any money. Not just around corners, but on the straight bits as well”

0-60mph = 3.9sec
0-100mph = 9.9sec
Top speed 155mph

Lotus has remapped the second phase of the cam timing to occur at 4000rpm instead of 6200rpm!!!

The added supercharger ups the power to “at least 243bhp”…240R is just the name…Power to weight = 261bhp per tonne.

I want a supercharger! Every one e-mail lotus and tell them you want a supercharger upgrade kit!

I want a SC!..on a Honda in my S1.


190 S1 = 245bhp/ton
S2 = 210bhp/ton
240R = 261bhp/ton
S1 Honda = 300bhp/ton
S1 Honda SC = 375bhp/ton

Don’t get me wrong, the 240R I saw in action looked great. But I really shouldn’t have been able to follow it.



The big difference with the SC variants of both of them will be TORQUE! And a big bucket of it!

Power may be all good a well but that extra torque with the SC will keep pulling you along and allow you to use much more of the gearbox rev range.

So while on paper the numbers may look like one thing, the reality may be somewhat different

Reading up, it looks like a good car to me… And the Accusump is pretty cool addittion as well!

Just received e-mail from Lotus:-

Dear Mr. Rapley,

I am glad to know that you are enjoying the Exige.

No plans have been announced about such a supercharger retrofit kit at
present, but Lotus is continually reviewing opportunities, and I suggest you
keep in touch with your dealer and our website (www.lotuscars.co.uk) for
news of all new products.

Yours sincerely,


The more interest we give them…the more chance of them ‘reviewing their opportunities’!

Just seen this:-


Ozzer, they ALWAYS say that! Said it about the Exige once. A S1 190 owner friend of mine has a letter saying that they’d never make the Exige, hence he bought the 190 - whoops!

Place an order for one with a dealer, I bet they’d take your deposit.


Just got this from Lotus:

Dear Mr Pesky

We are sorry to hear that you are not keen on the Exige S2, nor the soon to be released 240R. However, as a gesture of goodwill, we have given our design team a new brief to produce an Exige S3, more in keeping with the “hardcore” Exige S1. We trust that you will be pleased with the end result, which is shown below. Upon receipt of the requisite Bankers Draft, we will deliver our new creation to your home address.

Yours sincerely,

Phil McCrackin (Head of Lotus Listening Dept)


Nice One!..and the car!!

Which particular model were you after there Pesky?

I see Hollywood has taken a leaf out of Lotus’ trend book on the weight front for their latest Batmobile creation though.



Wow! you pulled it off again Pesky!

Now, THOSE are two cars that I would be very interested in!

And, Ozzer, you don’t really need more power.
You need less weight and more tracktime