240R with steering wheel on the left side???

I’m new to the world of Lotus, but I’ve enjoyed reading about the cars for sometime and would like to buy an Exige. Only problem is that I’m a non-dynamic American and I’d like to find one with the steering wheel on the left hand side. I read that the Exige is being launched in America, but not the 240R; basically just the Elise with a hard top, reducing lift. My hope is that there is a way to get the benefit of the suspension and engine in the 240R with the “American” set up (steering on left). Anyone heard of any of these, or have any thoughts?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

The 240R is an Exige which post registration had the goodies fitted. This was done by Lotus Sport. Only 50 were made. Lotus are now selling Cup cars with the SC too.
The way I see it you have two options
1 Find a left hand drive 240R for sale in mainland Europe then you will need to ship it over and get it registered. I think that could be difficult and costly
2 Buy an Exige and do it your self! I have an Exige which now has Ohlins, ARB, up rated clutch and LSD. Next on my list is an SC.

Have a look at these
SC here
Lotus forum in the US

cheers Jamie

Surely the Cup 240 is being made in both rhd & lhd, isn’t it?

Surely the Cup 240 is being made in both rhd & lhd, isn’t it?

Yes it definitively is…

Don’t know if it’s ‘Federalised’ though.


That might be the main prob is getting it road regestered in the US

Thanks for all of your help! I’m going to be racing it on a track solely. Don’t need a registered vehicle. I guess I’ll discuss this with an acutal dealer in the U.S. then. Thanks,