240R Wheel

Anyone know where I can get a spare centre washer for 240R front wheel. Its the bit that locates wheel on the hub.
Thanks Steve

After a bit of searching I think the bit is called a Spigot Ring and measures 75cm on outside and 57cm on inside.


I presume you mean 75 MM!! not 75cm etc…

Wont the wheel just locate without this?

Try EliseParts as they sold some 240R wheels a little while back.

Yeah is mm Pete.
I have tried Eliseparts and they cant supply also Russell at Lotus cant supply either.
Looks to be 73mm outside and 57mm inside.

I used rings wich I brought from Coorsport in Halesowen but not for 240R, mine were Volk TE37’s. Sucking eggs I guess but have you had a search via Google?

Just checked Rays Engineering (Volks) brochure they have hub rings but you may have to double check the size with them. Coordsport Tel: 0121 661 6263

Yep 73.1 - 57.1 according to brochure

Thanks Jonny, Have spoken to Rimstock who make the 240R wheels and are sending me one in post which should fit.
Had new tyres fitted for Angelsey on the 240R wheels and looks like was lost by fitters

Glad it’s sorted Steve.